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A. P2P Donations is a donation exchange platform where members voluntarily give and receive donations on montly basis. BTC Donations is a Person to Person, Direct Funding and Donation Sharing Platform and Cryptocurrency education system. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as schools, non-profit organizations, clubs.
A. When you join P2P Donations you join a community of like-minded members who are interested in donating to each other. You get the opportunity to willingly donate yearly to the members who invited you to become a member and you in turn can get willing donations from people you invite to become members.
A. Ask the person who invited you to provide you with their own unique invitation link. Use that link to sign up.
A. Yes, P2P Donations is available to anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet and the willingness to donate and to get donations.
A. We only use Bitcoin to make it easy for members to donate to each other.


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No more waiting for confirmations.

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No more waiting for transactions to be confirmed between banks and the delays with it.

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No more submitting of proof of payments.

No fake trasaction

No more fake transactions and fake POPs.

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Start only with 0.01 BTC

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